Hero pilot Sully Sullenberger wrote a blistering anti-Trump letter begging people to vote.

Retired pilot Chelsea “Sully” Sullenberger is a timeless hero. His quick reasoning saved 155 lives. Heck, they needed Tom Hanks to play him in the movie, he’s that good.

However, he’s also very worried about where our home countries is heading and he’s not afraid to call out Donald Trump’s brand of politics over it.

First, consider the resume: Along with his heroic acts aboard U.S. Airways Flight 1549, Sully is also an Air Force veteran and a registered Republican. So, when he puts his epithet on the line asking people to vote, you know it’s not just another shot in the dark.

“This is not the America I know and adoration, ” he writes a Washington Post op-ed .

Sully doesn’t call out Trump by epithet but it’s impossible to miss the implications 😛 TAGEND

“Many are cowardly, complicit enablers, acting against the rights and interests of the United States, our friends and republic; encouraging radicals at home and emboldening our antagonists abroad; and threatening the livability of our planet.”

For Sully, this is clearly less about partisanship or even specific policies. He’s calling for a return to the norms of civil discourse and a respect for the institutions that have served America well for centuries:

“Many do not respect the offices they comprise; they lack — or disregard — a basic knowledge of history, science and leadership; and they act impulsively, worsening a toxic political context, ” he continued.

“We must rededicate ourselves to the ideals, values and norms that unite us and upon which our republic depends. We must be engaged and informed voters, and we must get our info from believable, reputable sources.”

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