25+ Dumb Drivers Who Should Not Be Allowed On The Road

We’ve all realized at least one PSA about the hazards of the texting while driving, but where are the warns about playing the cornet while driving( equally dangerous people ).

Yes, the committee is people out there driving distracted by some genuinely outrageous the operations and lucky for us the latter are caught on camera. The men in the following photos could definitely benefit from read a volume on how to drive more safely, however, unlike the guy in one of the photos we don’t recommend they read it while driving. This is our reminder for the next time you’re out on the road, keep your eyes open for some truly bizarre sights because you never know what you will see on the road. However, for now, you are able to scroll below! Don’t forget to upvote your favs!

# 1 How To You Lose The Mattress, Break Your Arm, And Crash The Car All At The Same Time?

# 2 Tree-Wheel Drive

# 3 Hay, Watch Where You’re Moving!

# 4 75 -8 0 MPH, Comprising A Plate With A Fork And Knife And Talking On The Phone

# 5 Journeying A Motorbike While Holding A Baby Is A Bad Idea

# 6 Caught Reading A Book While Driving

# 7 Reckoned It Was A Backpack At First

# 8 My Cab Driver Is Reading “Learning To Drive” … While Driving

# 9 I’m Speechless

#10 Driving Without Hands, Feet, Or Brain?

#12 What Could Move Wrong?

#13 Bungee Cord Would Have Been Too Much Of A Hassle

#14 I Have Likewise Seen A Man Playing The Trumpet While Driving

#15 How You Know They’re Straight

#16 Safety First

#17 Really? Not Even A Helmet?

#18 Simply In Vietnam

#19 Curling Hair With A Curling iron While Driving On A Highway At 90 km/ h

#20 When Tow Trucks Are Too Expensive And A New Paint And Other Minor Repairs Aren’t

#22 Well Secured Load

#23 So This Happened Today

#24 Seen This Guy Many Times With A Shoe .. In His … Mouth …

#25 5 Point Seat Belt

#26 Idiot Of The Week Award Goes To This Lady

#27 How Many Seats Are In This Car?

#28 Well, That’s The Last Time I Eat Spaghetti And Drive

#29 It Ain’t Gonna Drive Itself Home

#30 This Gurl And Her Mom … Filled Up, Got Right Back On The Highway. Dug A Groove The Whole Way

#32 At Least He Wona

t Scratch The Paint

#33 Man Driving With Sun Shades On Freeway

#34 Are A Guitar And Microphone Distracted Driving?

#35 Looks Tiring!

#36 Distracted Driving? That’s California For You

#37 Gotta Get Those Lashes Curled

#38 Yes, She’s Eating From A Pot While Driving

#39 That’s Just Unsafe

#40 This Guy Is Shaving While Driving

#42 Can You Still Assure The Road When Half The Windscreen Is Covered In Phones? Also, Don’t Leave Your Phone In This Taxi

#43 Umm … Not Sure Which Is Worse, The Guy Transporting Sheet Metal On The Scooter, Or The Unsecured Load In The Truck

#44 Hauling A Motorcycle On A Motorcycle

#45 Just Saw This On My Way To Work, Guy Had Skids 15 Feet In The Air With 2 Ratchet Straps And Thata

s It

#46 Driving Over Harbour Bridge, Spotted This Guy On His Route To Collect His Darwin-Award

#47 Who Needs Trunk Space When You Have Tape

#48 At Least He Is Wearing A Helmet

#49 Who Just Starts Driving Like That

#50 Knitting And Driving, With Headphones On And Visor And Review Mirrors Pointed Down, I Suppose To Help Understand The Knitting While Looking Up?

#52 Woman Caught Applying Make-Up While Driving Down Busy Road With A Child In Back Of Car

#53 Saw This Guy Playing A Goddammed Recorder While Driving His Fiat On The Highway

#54 How To Get Decapitated

#55 She Was Snapchatting While Driving( 40 MPH Road( 64,4 KPH )). She Likewise Had A Little Brother In The Passenger Seat While Doing This

#56 She Drove Like This For A Solid 30 Miles

#57 Hey Don’t Worry About Fastening That Giant TV With A Big Rope Because, I Get This!

#58 Just Passing By

#59 This Guy Watching “The Office” On His Laptop While Driving

#60 Comprising The Door Down On At 8 Lane Road

#62 Does This Count?

#63 Shea

s Looking At A Phone In Her Right Hand … And Thata

s Not A Cup Holder

#64 Must Be That New X-Ray Windshield

#65 Six Letters, Starts With An “S”, Ends With A “D”

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DNA testing company 23andMe and pharma giant GSK partner to help develop drugs

23 andMe co-founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki has struck a addressed with medicine giant GlaxoSmithKline .

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has invested $300 million into home DNA testing company 23 andMe, enabling it to develop drugs based on human genetics.

The four-year arrangement allows GSK access to 23 andMe’s vast database to accelerate its medication the investigations and development work.

More than 5 million customers use 23 andMe’s saliva kit to profile their genes. The kits allow users to uncover insights about their genealogy, other people who share your DNA, as well as discover how much of your DNA is Neanderthal.

“We are excited about this unique collaboration as we know that medication targets with genetic validation have a significantly higher chance of ultimately demonstrating benefit for patients and becoming drugs, ” Hal Barron, GSK’s Chief Scientific Officer and president R& D, said in a statement.

23andMe said it already has a portfolio of “early stage” research programmes, which both companies will look to include in these partnerships.

The first project will be a care for Parkinson’s disease, which currently is in preclinical growth. 80 percent of 23 andMe’s patrons have consented to participate in research, and the company said patrons are always in control of their information.

“This collaboration will enable us to deliver on what many clients have been asking for — panaceas or cares for diseases, ” CEO of 23 andMe, Anne Wojcicki, added in a statement.

As noted by Reuters, GSK is not the first drug giant to look at modern genetic data, with contenders Roche and AstraZeneca doing the same.

Read more: https :// mashable.com/ 2018/07/ 26/ gsk-2 3andme-drug-development /

These ‘nano-drops’ could correct your vision from the comfort of your home

Is this your worst nightmare? Because this is my worst nightmare .

Image: Getty Images

Is there anything more annoying than losing a contact lens? A girl in the UK thought hers fell out until physicians received it embedded in her eye decades later.

A recent BMJ Case Report detailed the 42 -year-old woman’s horrific experience. She had visited her eye doctor for pain swelling in her upper eyelid. An MRI exposed a cyst in the eye tissue, which ruptured during the removal surgery. That’s when physicians received a WHOLE CONTACT LENS that had been lodged inside the patient’s eyelid tissue for 28 years.


Here’s some backstory that will probably induce you scream: According to Health, the report says that the contact was “a rigid gas permeable( RGP) ” lens which the woman hadn’t worn since she was a teen. When she was 14 -year-old, she was hit in the eye during a game of badminton and thought that the lens fell out.

Except, it hadn’t. Until her surgery, the lens had been lodged in her eyelid for for almost three decades. The woman didn’t experience any symptoms until that cyst formed.

“The patient never wore RGP lenses following this incident, ” the instance report concludes, according to Health. “We can infer that the RGP lens migrated into the patient’s left upper eyelid at the time of trauma and had been in situ for the last 28 years.”

The only story that one ups this nightmare is the time surgeons in the UK procured a staggering 27 contact lenses balled up inside a patient’s eye during what was supposed to be a routine cataract surgery.

If you wear contacts, just…check you eyes every now and then. Please.

[ H/ T: Teen Vogue]

Read more: https :// mashable.com/ 2018/08/ 16/ woman-finds-contact-lens-in-eyeball-after-2 8-years /

Johnson ‘won’t apologise’ for burka comments

Media playback is unsupported on your machine

Media captionBoris Johnson ‘has caused offence’, PM says

Boris Johnson has stood by his statements about the burka after the Conservative Party chairman told him to apologise.

The former foreign secretary has been criticised for saying Muslim girls wearing burkas “look like letter boxes” and comparing them to “bank robbers”.

PM Theresa May has backed calls for Mr Johnson to apologise, saying the statements have “clearly induced offence”.

But a source close to Mr Johnson told me that he “won’t be apologising”, adding it was “ridiculous” to assault his views.

“We must not fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on difficult issues, ” the source added.

Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign causes: a blessing or a curse?

The Labour leaders campaigns have provided inspiration for advocates and ammunition for his detractors. Ewen MacAskill takes a close look at the record

Andrew Murray, Jeremy Corbyn’s longtime pal and adviser, ticks off a list of foreign makes that the Labour leader has pursued over almost half a century: Chile, South africans, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya , among others.

For Murray, it is an honourable record, and one that has been misrepresented or lost amid the abuse and vilification Corbyn has faced since he stood for the Labour leadership in 2015.

The Labour leader has been accused of racism and antisemitism; of being too close to the men of violence. During last year’s general election campaign, the Daily Mail, under the headline” Apologists for terror“, said Corbyn” personally has invested a political lifetime courting mass murderers in the Middle East, Ireland and elsewhere in the world “.

Returning to the theme this week, newspaper article have implied- in a narrative subsequently quarrelled- that Corbyn had paid homage in 2014 to Black September, the Palestinian group responsible for the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes.

Since Corbyn became leader, there have been tensions within his office as well as within the parliamentary Labour party about whether his record on foreign affairs is a negative or a plus.

One school of thought is that he should just shut up about it to avoid attracting the kind of contention he has faced over the last few weeks, and that, anyway, the parliamentary elections are won or lost on domestic , not foreign, policy. The alternative view is that Corbyn has a good story to tell and his foreign policy points are more popular than the political class believe.

Corbyn has ended up somewhere in the middle , not disguising his record but not shouting about it either, attaining merely a handful of speeches dedicated specifically to foreign policy. He delivered one apologising for Labour’s role in the Iraq war, he did another in London during last year’s general election campaign, another in response to the Manchester bombing and one in Geneva in December last year.

He is scheming another in the next few months.

For many rightwing commentators, the left lost the ideological battle when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The left, nonetheless, counters with a listing of foreign policy issues on which it has been proved right, going back to the Vietnam war, and Corbyn’s supporters ensure him as the personification of this.

For them, he has been a consistent antagonist of misguided western military intervention, a supporter of countries and people “re fighting” self-determination, an advocate of peace through talk, entirely opposed to violence, and not in thrall to armed struggle.

David Clark, who was a special adviser on foreign affairs to the late Robin Cook, arguably the most leftwing foreign secretary the UK has had, concurs Corbyn has been proved right on many issues. But this is heavily qualified, with Clark rejecting Corbyn’s” simplistic anti-imperialist stance” and what he sees as a reflex response of opposing every western military intervention.

” If you resist every intervention, you are going to be right from time to time ,” Clark said.” Much like a clock that is stuck telling the right time twice a period, Corbyn has been right on some of the issues .”

Murray does not see it like that.” Jeremy has called every major policy issue in the last 40 times- from apartheid to Iraq and Libya- right, when the establishment has been mostly or unitedly incorrect ,” Murray said.

Latin America

Corbyn’s interest in foreign affairs can be traced back to a trip that straddled 1969 and 1970, taking in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

These were heady periods on a continent full of drama: military coups, liberation theology and the US secretly conspiring with the right to undermine leftwing governments and motions. In 1969, Corbyn took part in a student demonstration in Sao Paulo against Brazil’s military dictatorship.

It was Chile, however, that had the greatest impact. He was in the two countries in 1970 when Salvador Allende, who was on the left, became chairwoman. He was overthrown three years later in a brutal military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. Corbyn had found a cause.

Corbyn at an anti-Pinochet demonstration by Amnesty International. Photo: Martin Argles for the Guardian

By contrast, Margaret Thatcher, on becoming prime minister in 1979, restored diplomatic ties with Pinochet’s Chile, which had been broken off by the previous Labour government. When Pinochet was arrested in the UK in 1998 in response to an extradition request over breaches of human rights, Thatcher treated him like an honoured guest, visiting him at his temporary home in Surrey.

In his Geneva speech, Corbyn praised Allende and derided Pinochet for turning Chile” into a laboratory for free market fundamentalism “.

Corbyn’s interest in Latin America has never waned. During internal policy debates, he has often blindsided others by unexpectedly creating issues such as the recent election of the leftwing populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as Mexican president.

While there is a general consensus that Corbyn has been right about Chile, views are polarised over his unwavering support for the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, a lingering opponent of the US, and his reluctance to criticise his successor Nicolas Maduro.

South Africa

Corbyn was an early opponent of apartheid, serving on the national executive of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. One of the best-known photographs of him presents him being arrested in 1984 for complaining outside South africans House in London.

He was later exonerated and awarded compensation, which he donated to the Anti-Apartheid Movement and to Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress.

While the late Mandela is now generally venerated, that was not the case in the 1970 s and 80 s, with Thatcher describing the ANC as a” typical terror organizations “.

Corbyn recollected this in a tweet the beginning of this year opposing Theresa May’s invitation for Donald Trump to visit the UK.” Margaret Thatcher was on the wrong side of history when she supported apartheid ,” he wrote.

Jeremy Corbyn (@ jeremycorbyn)

Margaret Thatcher was on the wrong side of history when she supported Apartheid just as Theresa May is on the wrong side of history today. pic.twitter.com/ Ni56Mdx8z1

January 30, 2017

Thatcher’s position has undergone tries at revise. Robin Renwick, the British ambassador to South Africa from 1987 -9 1, said Thatcher had opposed apartheid and, behind the scenes, had pressed the South African government to release Mandela.

Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya

One of the keys to understanding Corbyn is the Stop the War alliance, founded less than two weeks after the 9/11 strike. Labour MPs who joined included Tony Benn, George Galloway and Corbyn, who went on to chair it for four years. Murray was also a member.

Stop the War helped organise the London march on the eve of the 2003 Iraq war, one of the most difficult complains in British history, and opposed intervention in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Corbyn spoke at an estimated 1,000 events all over the country, a dress rehearsal for his Labour leadership campaign.

Setting out his opposition to the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, Corbyn threw the blame for the increases of the Taliban on America:” The Taliban were formed with US weapons. Al-Qaida was founded by US coaches. What runs around comes around .”

His interest in Iraq predated the intrusion. In the 1980 s, when the US and UK governments were backing Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran, supplying him with limbs, Corbyn was opposed. As an MP, he was among the first to condemn Saddam’s chemical attack on Iraqi Kurds at Halabja in 1988.

He opposed UK military participation in Kosovo in 1999, Libya in 2011 and Syria in 2015, and described UK participation in airstrikes in Syria this year as legally questionable.

Clark says not all military interventions are inevitably incorrect, citing the Nato airstrike on Serbia to protect Albanian Kosovans and the subsequent invasion of Kosovo, which Corbyn opposed.

Clark also argues that the Libyan intervention was well-intentioned, to stop a murder, and the failure was in the subsequent deficiency of nation-building.

Corbyn denies he is a pacifist and has said he does not rule out supporting UN military intervention, though the only instance he will quote is UN intervention in East Timor in 1999.


Corbyn’s support for the Palestinians has caused him more problems than any other foreign policy issue. A long-time member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, he has been accused of being too close to Hamas, the elected government in Gaza, and to Iranian-backed Hezbollah, the anti-Israeli paramilitary organisation based in Lebanon.

Jeremy Corbyn joins protesters at a Remember Gaza demonstration in central London. Photograph: Alamy

His involvement in the Palestinian cause is at the root of accusations against him of antisemitism, which have dominated Labour politics for the last two months. According to one of those close to him, Corbyn has been more upset by this than all the previous vilification campaigns he has faced, belief it is it much more intense and personal.

Some of those around him will say privately they feel “hes having” been the victim of a smear campaign. But even some of these find him culpable for permitting the row to drag on, citing the rewriting of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition.

Corbyn and political violence

Newspapers this week carried tales about Corbyn’s presence at a Palestinian graveyard in Tunis in 2014.

One story read:” A memorial wreath in hand, Jeremy Corbyn stands feet from the tombs of fear leaders linked to the Munich Massacre … Buried in the cemetery in Tunisia are members of Black September, the fear group which massacred 11 Israeli jocks at the 1972 Olympics .”

A number of troubles emerged with the narrative , not least that none of the members of Black September that conducted the carnage are buried in Tunis. Another is that the wreath-laying ceremony was to commemorate members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation who were killed in a 1985 Israeli air raid on Tunis, a raid condemned by Thatcher at the time.

There have been other such narratives linking Corbyn to armed groups in the Countries of the middle east and elsewhere, including Ireland.

The writer Ronan Bennett, who worked as a research helper for Corbyn at Westminster in the 1980 s, said he had never heard Corbyn support the idea of armed struggle.

” As a leader, Jeremy is not without flaws, and his ideas may not always be fully worked out, but he is principled. He said to me the whole degree of engagement is to persuade people to put away the handguns ,” he said.

Bennett, whose existence at Westminster induced a stir at the time, with him having been a hostage at Long Kesh in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, said:” He actually has only one speech, one theme: that we should all get together and be nice to one another. Jeremy is a kind of vegan, pacifist idealist, one with a clear understanding of politics and history, and a commitment to the underdog .”

One of the charges against Corbyn is that he is hypocritical in presenting himself as an independent arbiter while in fact being an activist. That he is pro-Palestinian rather than neutral. His supporters learn no contradiction, arguing it is possible to take a side and still promote dialogue.

Murray said:” He is not a neutral intermediary like Acas[ the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service ]. Jeremy takes sides in disputes but he also genuinely wants a peaceful solution. It is wrong to suggest he supports forms of violence against anyone .”


Corbyn came under attack from both Conservative and Labour MPs in March after refusing to blame Russia for the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

He might have got away with such an expression of scepticism a few weeks afterward. Instead, it created another row, another distraction, including accusations he is soft on Russia.

Corbyn has never been one of those on the left who was close to the Soviet Union.

George Galloway, a friend of Corbyn for 40 years who was also a parliamentary colleague and campaigned alongside him at Stop the War, said:” He was never, unlike myself, pro-Soviet. He is not an orthodox Trotskyist communist. He is more woolly Californian. He has more in common with Michael Foot than Karl Marx. He is a pacifist who will speak to anyone .”

While not an adherent to the Soviet Union, Corbyn is to report to Nato, which sets him out of line with party policy. He described the US-led coalition as” a threat to global peace “.

He reflects a view common on the left that, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US and Nato had a chance to embrace Russia but instead expanded eastwards, taking in former members of the Soviet bloc.

Clark, who has established a reputation as a Russia specialist, realise Corbyn’s instinctive enmity towards US dominance as problematic.” His simplistic anti-imperialist stance results him to be insufficiently critical of regimes such as Russia. People around him consider Putin as a counter-balance to western imperialism .”

Clark said the problem with this approach was that Putin’s violations tended to be overlooked.” The Ukraine crisis is a point in question. Corbyn’s reaction was to blame the aggressivenes on Nato rather than the assailant. That is the conclusion you come to if you share Corbyn’s anti-western world view .”


It is debatable whether Ireland should be on a foreign listing, dedicated Northern Ireland is part of the UK. But Corbyn has been a longtime advocate of a united Ireland.

He courted controversy in October 1984 when he invited two former republican prisoners- Linda Quigley and Gerry MacLochlainn, the latter incarcerated on explosive charges- to the Commons just two weeks after the bombing of the Tory conference in Brighton.

Corbyn with Jerry MacLochlainn( L) and Francie Molloy of Sinn Fein during a march in 1992 to celebrate 20 years since Bloody Sunday. Photo: Jim James/ PA

In May last year, Northern Ireland again dogged Corbyn. In what can be seen as a prelude to the Tunis cemetery controversy, the Labour leader was asked during a televised election debate about attending a fulfill of the republican Wolfe Tone Society in 1987 at which there was a minute’s silence for eight IRA members killed by the SAS.

He said:” The contribution I made to that fulfilling was to call for peace and talk .”

Danny Morrison, Sinn Fein’s former head of communications and a former are part of the Northern Ireland assembly, remembers Corbyn visiting them in west Belfast in 1984.

” At no time did he express support or solidarity for the armed struggle ,” Morrison said.” The phase is, Jeremy Corbyn never ever supported physical force in Ireland. You can have this position and still sympathise with those who died like Bobby Sands. It is scandalous and ridiculous to propose there is a is connected with Corbyn and the IRA .”

Such meets were controversial but Corbyn can claim vindication by revelations the British government was engaged in secret meetings in the same period, a talk which eventually brought about the 1998 Belfast peace agreement.


Corbyn’s campaign team expected from the day he first threw himself forward to be president that his foreign policy record “wouldve been” picked over by opponents.

One of those closely connected to him, reflecting on the last few weeks, recognise it had been tough, but said:” He has been through it before. And he will face it again .”

Read more: https :// www.theguardian.com/ politics/ 2018/ aug/ 17/ jeremy-corbyn-foreign-causes-a-blessing-or-a-curse

RIP To Your Plans: Weekend Horoscopes For July 27-29 Betches

It’s the first weekend of this cycle of Mercury in retrograde, so be prepared for major SNAFUs even for the best laid programmes. Mercury makes traffic jams at the beach, delayed flights, and may or may not be partially responsible for you drunk texting your ex. Whatever you planned to do probably won’t happen, so pack a roadie in case you get stuck somewhere on the way to the party. Here are your weekend horoscopes for July 27 -2 9.


This is a weekend for calling it ceases. Well, maybe deciding to call it quits. Wait to portion lanes with a lazy devotee or an vexing pal until Monday so it doesn’t ruin your whole weekend. Then again, if you cut ties by Friday afternoon you are able to have a lot more fun all weekend long without are concerned about how you’re going to do it. IDK, simply weigh your options and then drop-off the dead weight.


Normally, you don’t draw attention to yourself, but you could find yourself in hot water if you let that Taurus temper flare up in public. Instead of wailing at your boyfriend in public for getting too drunk at the pregame, am looking forward to you get home to passive-aggressively sulk until he figures out what he did wrong on his own. He might never figure it out, but at least you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of your friends.


Friday’s full moon in combination with Mercury in retrograde can really build you vulnerable to accidents. Clumsiness might be your curse. Sure, you look smoking hot in an all-white outfit, but perhaps stick to drinking clear liquors and not whatever jungle-juice-sex-on-the-beach-fruit-punch concoction is on special. It’s inevitable that even if you aren’t a sloppy mess, someone else is likely to be, and it will be spill metropoli. Just lookin out, hun.


You’re likely to get in a tiff about one of those two topics prohibited from polite conversation: sex and money. Hopefully, you aren’t somehow fighting about both at the same time, amirite? Anyway, if you’re in an contention, avoid letting a third party get involved. You don’t need Kat or Jess or even your mama stepping in to assistance combat your battles. You’re a big daughter; resolve sh* t on your this weekend.


With Mercury in retrograde this weekend, you might feel like you’re literally losing your GD mind at every turn. You’ll lies in the fact that friend asking for a whisker tie, asking for a phone charger, asking to use someone else’s sunscreen because you literally simply can’t get your sh* t together. Fortunately, the Sun is in your sign, so everyone has basically be nice to you. Retain things simple and make sure you pack both pieces of your bikini if you’re hitting the water.


With Mercury in retrograde, you’re prone to reminisce a little too hard this weekend. There’s a lot going on with you and the weekend is busy, too. You might think back to a time when all you had to do was smoke weed and feed pizza on Chad’s futon. Defy the urge to text whomever Chad is to you. The guy that you find comforting because he doesn’t challenge you whatsoever isn’t in your life for a reason, and the above reasons is he’s an unemployed stoner whom you can’t introduce to your friends.


Friday’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius means you can’t play nicely with others. As a balanced Libra, you aren’t the most difficult attention harlot of the signs, so it’s important that others pay attention to you this weekend since you rarely ask to be the focus. When someone bucks your authority in the group text about indicating a brunch place, all inferno could break loose. Tantrum City, population: you.


The lunar eclipse could have you feeling betrayed this weekend. Your friend could post a snap to her story where a girl you don’t really like appears in the background. Like, why would they even be hanging out together ?? Your boyfriend could drop info about his past that isn’t, like, bad, but you just didn’t know. You’ll feel like he’s been hiding material from you and, yes, it will be a fight.


It’s time to keep yourself from mouthing off this weekend. Instead of firing back in public, and by public I entail on Twitter, type what you were going to say to a friend, screenshot it and have a good giggle between sidekicks. With Mercury in retrograde, it’s easy for your words to get misconstrued. It’s easier to explain what you meant to one friend than to battle trolls all weekend. #notworthit


You may think your bank account can handle your habits this weekend, but you could be wrong. Check yourself before going out. Like, how embarassing would it be to have your card denied at the bar because you went too HAM buying novelty pool floaties on sale earlier in the day? Pretty damn embarrassing. I intend, I hope you got enough likes on the Insta of you on that giant pizza float to make it worth it.


Weird things happen when Mercury is in retrograde, so don’t be surprised if you’re sick of your own sh* t this weekend. You might be frustrated and angry with yourself for not enabled to get it together, be a better pal/ girlfriend, feed healthy all the time, exert regularly, etc. etc. etc. Well, tell those bad supposes to f* ck right off. Having it all together is for mommy bloggers on Instagram. You only do you, and put over trying to be perfect forever or at the least until fall.


The lunar eclipse in your subconscious realm entails any garbage sentiments you’re having will mainly be chilling under the surface, waiting to bubble up and attain you look insane. Save yourself some shame and tell your friends you’re just hormonal or something when you exclaim uncontrollably in a screening of Mama Mia: Here We Run Again . That style you don’t have to explain that your mama used to clean the house to ABBA when you were growing up and you wish you were nicer to her when you were in high school. Not speaking from experience here or anything, of course.

Images: Shutterstock; Giphy( 6 )

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Do The Producers Hate Colton? Diggy Moreland On This Week’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Betches

Diggy here from season 13 of The Bachelorette and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Betches envisioned my Twitter commentary on all things Bachelor was burn, so they gave me room for more than 280 characters.

I’m going to try to do my part to recap what was a somewhat anti-climactic Episodes 2& 3 of Bachelor in Paradise . If you don’t like spoilers, please read anyway, as there is a requirement to as many eyes on this as possible.

Episode 2 kicks off with Colton returning from his date with Tia, and he’s immediately cornered by Goose( Chris) and the rest of the Rat pack( which consists of Jordan and Nick ), and they demand to know what his intentions are here in Paradise. From afar, it looks like they’re filming a fight scene from a late 90 ’s musical where no one gets touched and they were snap thumbs, but they do get down to business eventually. Colton hints at still being in love with Becca, which Chris answers with: “Then why are you here ?? ” In less than a few words Colton pretty much says: “I’ll be damned if I miss out on these airline miles.” Plus, Tia’s here.

The next morning, the smartest guy on the beach, Venmo John, “finds” a date card, and Kenny is now the luck person that gets to get down small island developing. With his newfound popularity, Kenny talks to Bibiana, Nysha, Chelsea, and Krystal, and he determined on take the freshly hobbled Krystal on the date( she somehow managed to hurt her foot on a rock on the beach, which I can personally show is 99% sand ). Kenny’s date is a wrestling date( if you didn’t see that coming, LASIK is for you) where he and Krystal get to enjoy a real life Nacho Libre, minus the tortilla microchips. A few kisses happen, but mainly simply perspiration from Kenny.

Back on the beach, Jordan attains “dinner plans” for Annaliese. Notably missing from said dinner: plates, utensils, and food. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts…but she’s still hungry. Kevin, who was trying to start something with Krystal, starts looking at Astrid like “he il want to” creeping all over her, but it’s actually a lizard that thumps him to the punch instead. He takes her to beach and their lips lock and he hurls away the key. BUH BYE, KRYSTAL.

Pause here, because, YUKI’S BACK !!! She was a superstar on Winter Game for her personality and absence of English. That 2 week stint in our hearts has now qualified her to pour shots( which “shes never” done) in another country, which only proves to us that she’s trying to fill up her passport.

Cocktail Party time, signifying two guys are going home. Awkward convos happen, Hail Mary’s are thrown, but ultimately it’s the Tia and Colton show … again. Tia grabs Colton to chat, and she pretty much tells him that everyone is saying Colton is an immature 6 th grader( which for the record, is not true, he’s a lot older than that ). Colton tells her that he wants to see what’s out there, and that she should do what constructs him happy, because then she’d be happy. Well, whatever the inferno that signifies. Chris then picks up the pieces by spewing hot fire and saying he’s here for Tia and nothing else( recollect I said this ).

Rose ceremony shakes out as such: Krystal to Kenny, Astrid to Kevin, Tia to Chris, Kendall to Joe, Nysha to Eric, and Angela to John. At this phase, we just knew Colton was going home, but Bibiana (* cough cough* producers) decide to give Colton a rose so he can “have the chance to find love.” Those keeping score at home, yes “weve lost” fly-ass Wills and Nick just so we can have more of the Tia/ Colton saga.


If you thought you were going to have a full week without our most recent Bachelorette, Becca, you were wrong. In the beginning of episode 3, she shows up the next day, like that trust fund friend with nothing better to do. Becca talks to Tia, and by doing so, haunts Colton in the process.I’m not sure if individual producers hate Colton or not, but divinity is he easy to make fun of. Colton starts crying on a boulder smaller than him, and Becca essentially consoles him back to health. Boom , now he has close, and can be the savage Colton that America has come to know and love.

In what we have to suppose is AMAZING editing, Annaliese continually states how much she’s into Jordan, and then boom–Jenna walkings in and leaves Jordan as speechless as we’ve ever known him.( It must be noted: Her outfit is pink, in addition to her hair, which builds me hope she stays around so I can see if her whisker will ever match her outfits .) Jenna takes Jordan on the date, and this dude is GIDDY. They ride horses and make do on the beach( and everywhere else ). Likewise present on this date: a black box that embraces Jenna’s butt the entire time. Essentially this date was merely taking turns exhaling for one another. Jordan comes back to the beach and pretty much tells Annaliese “good luck” and commits her two thumbs. David tries to ruffle a few featherings by celebrating Jenna’s birthday with her alone, and Jordan sits there like a chaperone, ensuring that there is no physical contact.

Caroline( Arie’s season) shows up super nervous and literally is speaking a mile a minute.( Someone KISS her already so she can stop talking, PLEASE .) She takes John on the date, who is polar opposite of her normal type of guy. This date REEKED of a relationship, but somehow Caroline is into it. They drink, they dance, a kiss happens, Paradise wins again. Jubilee shows up the next morning, asks John on a date( literally asking him while he’s snuggling with Caroline…SAVAGE) and he says yes. Ziplining and nerdy convo, once again, this date is heading to the platonic section.

Kenny decides to make a night beach date for Krystal, but Krystal pretty much tells him to check your brakes, and then pump them. He pretty much get friend zoned when males have the power…BALLSY move, Krystal. Fast forward to 5 minutes later when she’s making out with Chris( yes, Tia’s Chris) on the daybed. Colton sees out, and runs faster than he did as a football player to tell Tia that Chris kissed Krystal. While chatting to Jordan about how he has everything in the bag, Tia tackles Chris in a fashion that has me ANXIOUS for next week!

Images: Giphy( 2 )

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World Cup 2018: Guardian writers pick their highs and lows

From Modrics magic and Pavards screamer to unwelcome theatrics and wearing the wrong T-shirt, our writers give their take over the tournament in Russia

Nick Ames

Match of the tournament Russia v Croatia had it all: a spectacular objective from Denis Cheryshev, unbearable tension during a see-sawing extra-time period, raucous galas when Mario Fernandes equalised and then shootout heartache for the hosts- followed promptly by an acceptance that they should hold their chiefs high.

Player of the tournament Luka Modric. He was influential from the first play but by extra hour of the Croatia v England game it was impossible to take your eyes off him. Modric has played more fluently but the lane he dragged himself and his squad through against the odds was breathtaking.

Goal of the tournament It seems a long time ago now but Ricardo Quaresma’s trademark ” trivela” for Portugal against Iran was a luscious piece of skill that bears watching time and again.

Personal highlighting It voices a bit mawkish but watching the sun rise over Kazan Arena from my apartment, merely a few hours after visualizing France beat Argentina 4-3there in a stunning game of football, gave rise to a sense of immense gladness simply to be here. Nobody would take covering this tournament for granted.

Biggest frustration That we did not learn a more diverse tournament from the quarter-finals onwards. Europe’s primacy was disconcerting and, while we may have to wait to see if it is a trend , not entirely surprising. It was a regret off the pitch, too, because the vibrancy that tens of thousands of Latin American fans brought to the early stages was one of the aspects that made this month special.

Trickiest off-field moment The weight of being responsible has rarely felt heavier than when, having booked a minibus to take yours truly and seven colleagues from Kazan to Samara in time for England v Sweden, private vehicles arrived an hour and 20 minutes late. That was the good news. A confused motorist, who had somehow got lost on the way to our apartment, then emerged and explained that( a) the sound on his sat nav had packed in and( b) he didn’t know the way to Samara anyway. At this level the risk of blank column inches across several of the UK’s major organs seemed severe but, with the help of our phones and a rotation of front-seat assistants, we just about muddled through the six-hour expedition in time to cover the quarter-final.

Fondest recollection of Russia Less a particular memory than simple pleasure that visiting supporters and locals interacted so joyfully and ascertain each other’s best sides. In regional cities such as Samara and Volgograd, especially, one could see just how much it meant to people who had never experienced anything like this before; the only shame is that so little fans from western Europe, in particular, felt emboldened to join in.

What now for England? The good feeling of this summer must be bottled because normality will kick in soon and current realities is that, if England are to succeed, they need to ensure the best musicians are given a workable pathway to the top. The current crop are decent but not good enough to raise major trophies: until top fraternities’ development processes tilt in favour of the players that will remain the case.

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Dominic Fifield

Match of the tournament Portugal 3-3 Spain, a game which determined the bar high for the tournament and likely made both teams false hope as to their own capabilities in Russia. Cristiano Ronaldo was a force-out of nature, Spain pinged their passes and seemed irrepressible and an upbeat tint was defined for everything that followed. The World Cup, if not inevitably Spain and Portugal, lived up to expectations thereafter.

Player of the tournament Eden Hazard. The Premier League has long grown accustomed to the Belgian’s genius but here he was illuminating the world stage. He rendered aims, facilitates and mesmeric dribblings and will have been privately disappointed to finish only third, even if his declaration that his time at Chelsea may be up was a stinging in the tail.

Eden Hazard passes the ball during Belgium’s World Cup third-place play-off succes over England. Photo: Tom Jenkins/ Guardian

Goal of the tournament Right-backs had some fun in Russia. Take your picking between Nacho’s goal, skimmed in off both posts, against Portugal and Benjamin Pavard’s stunning reward against Argentina.

Personal highlighting Jordan Pickford’s save from Carlos Bacca, and Eric Dier claiming a penalty shootout for England. Followed closely by the beauty of The Motherland Calls and the Stalingrad memorial.

Biggest frustration Argentina, who I had bafflingly recommended might win the tournament. There was no speed , no energy and too much reliance on Lionel Messi. They were fortunate to flee the group and beaten more convincingly by France than the 4-3 scoreline suggested.

Trickiest off-field moment The wings, the wings, the wings of Volgograd, who swarmed all day off the Volga marshes. Oh, and the mosquitoes of Repino, who came out with a vengeance at dusk. My God, they enjoyed me as much as I detested them. They will not be missed. That said, vanilla petroleum was a bit of a determine, and more pleasant than DEET.

Fondest recollection of Russia St Petersburg. An incredible city, a glorious combination of Paris, Vienna and Amsterdam, with a dash of Scandinavia thrown in. It was heartening to insure England’s players inducing the best possible use of their days off to visit its sights, from the Hermitage to the Winter Palace, via the fairground.

What now for England ? For once England leave a tournament in a promising place. They have a scheme, a manager with a eyesight and agricultural crops of young musicians waiting in the wings to make their marking. The Nations League, which starts in the autumn, will not be straightforward but it could cultivate the renewed interest in international football. The World Cup was all about advancement. Now they must maintain it.

Thomas Hitzlsperger

Match of the tournament Portugal v Spain.

Player of the tournament Eden Hazard.

Goal of the tournament Benjamin Pavard against Argentina.

France’s Benjamin Pavard reaches his sumptuous volley against Argentina. Photograph: Kieran McManus/ BPI/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Personal highlighting Mbappe’s solo run against Argentina.

Biggest letdown The Germany team.

Trickiest off-field moment Because England did so well and Gareth Southgate became so popular, I was asked to wear a waistcoat in the TV studio. The crew were really excited about it but I wasn’t happy at all. I decided against it. Fortunately, they continued me on until the last day …

Fondest memory I went to Volgograd before the World Cup and was overwhelmed, having visited the Mamayev Hill tombstones and Rossoschka, a Russian-German military cemetery. It was a history lesson like I’ve never experienced.

What now for England? Keep the team spirit alive and practise more possession and fewer set pieces.

David Hytner

Match of the tournament Belgium v Brazil. For Belgium’s counterattacking masterclass in the first half and the breakneck drama after the interval. The speed and intensity were incredible.

Player of the tournament I loved the style Paul Pogba handled himself but Luka Modric was the stand-out performer. I have long thought he was the finest central midfielder in world football and he oozed class and control. Proved his gallantry to step up in the last-1 6 shootout against Denmark, having missed a penalty in extra time.

Goal of the tournament Toni Kroos v Sweden. OK, it seriously messed with me on deadline but the intelligence, technique and execution, with Germany’s World Cup hopes on the line, were extraordinary. I thought it would trigger Germany into life. I was wrong.

Personal highlight So many. Here are some. Watching Brazil live. Enjoying Tite( Cheechee ). Being there for Mario Fernandes’s equaliser. Having a stroll in Gorky Park and Neskuchny Garden. People watching on Novy Arbat. Being on a fan bus packed with Colombians when the Colombia team bus overtook. Meeting Carlos Valderrama. Receiving out what a good bloke Dejan Lovren is. The emotion at the final.

Biggest frustration Neymar was the coolest child in countries around the world at Brazil 2014. I remember him doing keepie-uppies as he strolled out for a develop session and appearing as though he did not have a care- as 200 million Brazilians invested their dreams in him. The king turned into a princess here. His theatrics did him no credit.

Neymar reacts after significant challenges in Brazil’s group game against Serbia. Photograph: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/ Getty Images

Trickiest off-field moment My first full period was in Rostov-on-Don, where I was embracing Brazil v Switzerland. I had to are going to the stadium for the news conference. There was no tubing. I could not get an uber, yandex or regular taxi. I had not yet detected the game-changer that was the Google translate app. I was completely stuck and it was a horrible mood. I would be saved by a big-hearted couple, whom I had satisfied the night before, and they drove me to the stadium. It defined a good tone.

Fondest memory of Russia My take-away was the heartfelt desire of Russian people for their country to be appreciated. Every single Russian I met in every single city ran through the same questions. What do you think of Russia? What do you think of our city? And, invariably, what do you think of our wives? It mattered to them that guests departed with different perceptions. Moscow is now one of my top five cities.

What now for England? Quite simply, to enjoy the positivity for as long as it lasts.

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Stuart James

Match of the tournament Belgium 3-2 Japan. I expected Belgium to stroll to victory but Japan were absolutely terrific. When Japan ran 2-0 up, through Takashi Inui’s superb goal, James Ducker, from the Telegraph, and I looked at each other in the press box as if to say:’ What on earth is happening here ?’ Belgium, to give credit where it is due, answered brilliantly. What a lane to win the match, too- the best counterattacking goal I’ve ever seen.

Player of the tournament Hard to look beyond Luka Modric, who has been so influential for Croatia in what will surely be his last World Cup, but let’s not ignore the contribution of N’Golo Kante, even if the Frenchman would quite happily go under the radar. Kylian Mbappe deserves a mention too- he is going to be a hotshot, if he isn’t already.

Kylian Mbappe of France takes a corner in the group game against Peru. Photograph: Michael Regan/ FIFA via Getty Images

Goal of the tournament Spoilt for choice. Benjamin Pavard’s ten-strike against Argentina was tremendous. I also liked Nacho’s goal for Spain in their thrilling 3-3 depict with Portugal- what technique again. But I’m plumping for Denis Cheryshev’s second against Saudi Arabia. Elegantly stroked into the top corner with the outside of his left boot, it was a thing of beauty and determine the tone for this World Cup.

Personal highlight Watching and reporting on England in their first World Cup semi-final since 1990, when I was 14 years old. I never imagined for a minute that I’d find myself in that situation when I left for Russia. And what a few moments when Kieran Trippier’s free-kick made the back of the net. Let’s just not go there with what happened later.

Biggest frustration The amount of play-acting but including with regard to Neymar’s rolling around. It was embarrassing watching him at times and sad, too, made his talent. He’s not alone, though, and it has got to the stage where Fifa needs to confront the issue head-on. Sadly, it will probably ignore it.

Trickiest off-field instant I could write a volume on this one. I got lost a lot and didn’t master the metro in Moscow until period 30( I went home the following morning ). Get in and out of the hammock in my apartment in Sochi was testing. And I somehow purposed up with five courses after ordering soup for lunch in Saransk. Thank heavens for Google translate, which prevented more buffoonery like that and became my best friend.

Fondest recollection of Russia So many to choose from but I’d likely say walking to the Mordovia Arena in Saransk for Peru’s first World Cup game in 36 years. I recollect turning this corner and watching many thousands of red and white shirts stretching as far as the eye could see. They were marching, singing, laughing and smiling- having the time of their lives. It was an extraordinary vision and gives me goose bumps whenever I think about it.

What now for England? The balance doesn’t feel right in midfield and that depicted against Croatia, so Gareth Southgate has got some work to do there. But let’s just is optimistic: there’s a feelgood factor that hasn’t been there for ages. Heck, I’d quite like to take my son to an England game now and I never envisioned I’d say that.

Martha Kelner

Match of tournament I watched the group match between Spain v Portugal in a poky inn chamber in Volgograd on a 13 -inch TV made at least a couple of decades ago. But even that could not dampen the pleasure of a game for the ages. It lived up to all the hype. As for that Ronaldo free-kick at the end, he only knew he was going to rating. Incredible.

Player of tournament Eden Hazard may not have reached the final but he was consistently brilliant for Belgium, turning in three man-of-the-match performances. He was still captivating his audience in the mixed zone after the third-place play-off, all but announcing that he wanted out of Chelsea.

Goal of tournament Might be somewhat coloured by the fact I ascertained it live but Jesse Lingard’s 25 -yard curler against Panama – his first international objective- was a stunner. Yes, the opponent were limited and England were already well on their lane to a rout but after watching him having globs taken out of him all afternoon it was a welcome, beautiful interruption.

England’s Jesse Lingard, second left, curls the ball into the net for England’s third goal in their 6-1 win over Panama. Photo: Dave Shopland/ BPI/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Personal highlight Being inside Spartak Stadium to witness England finally win a penalty shootout. You try to remain impartial as a columnist but you likewise report what you experience and it’s impossible not to have felt some of Gareth Southgate’s joy that evening. He said subsequentlies he’d never get over the penalty miss at Euro 96 but you hope leading a team to criminal penalties shootout succes eased the burden.

B iggest disappointment That Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could not assert themselves more on the tournament. But that jolt was softened by the emergence of another hotshot in Kylian Mbappe.

Trickiest off field minute Get stuck in some pretty epic match-day traffic in Kaliningrad before England played Belgium there. We were still for half an hour about three miles from the stadium with the clock ticking closer to kick-off. Cue abandoning my taxi, hiring a bike from a nearby store and cycling to the stadium over the main freeway, which mercifully they had shut for the afternoon.

Fondest recollection of Russia Meeting a 17 -year-old girl waitressing at a eatery in Samara, a city 1,000 km south-east of Moscow. When I told her I was from London, she could not contain her excitement. She wanted to know everything about England and we’re now friends on social media. In reality this whole trip has been a reminder not to confuse people with politics. Particularly the younger generation of Russians have been friendly, inquisitive and so welcoming.

What now for England? To continue progressing, to blood new talent such as Ryan Sessegnon and Phil Foden. And to use the knowledge that Euro 2020 will feel somewhat like a home tournament, with seven games at Wembley, to train their sights on the future.

Amy Lawrence

Match of the tournament France 4-3 Argentina. If your heart didn’t soar at the vision of what Kylian Mbappe did here, you’ve no business watching sport( Argentinians excepted ). The interweaving storylines, high emotions, brilliant aims, pas of batons and lurching drama built for an all-time classic.

Player of the tournament Mulling this over in the working day before the final the cases for Luka Modric and Mbappe felt particularly strong. Not much changed there during the final- both are absolutely deserving of the highest accolades- but something about Paul Pogba, the way he has commanded games, constructed his marker, played his role so emphatically for the team, and affected the final swung it.

France’s Paul Pogba comprises the trophy as he celebrates winning the World Cup. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/ Reuters

Goal of the tournament Welcome to the age-old screamer versus purity of technique versus squad objective dilemma. Belgium’s match-winner against Japan was severely impressive especially in the context of a match they were trailing 2-0. Lionel Messi’s cushioned second touch against Nigeria is a thing of charm in itself. Benjamin Pavard’s lasered volley just about gets my nod.

Personal highlight Away from the stadia, being in the evocatively named Snob Bar in Kazan riveted to the 3-3 humdinger between Spain and Portugal accompanied by high-speed mansion music and a guy lolling around in a giant polar endure costume for no obvious reason. In the stadium, determining the Swedes and Mexicans start an impromptu dance-off to their” Bye Bye Germany” ballad after the dramatic, topsy-turvy purposing to Group F.

Biggest disappointment Not being able to lay my hands on a” Rock Arsenal” T-shirt- Ekaterinburg’s finest radio station, don’t you know- despite an extensive hunting.

Trickiest off-field instant Trying to survive 90 minutes of Japan v Senegal sitting next to someone who had absolutely no mind how to oversee some seriously intense torso odour.

Fondest memory of Russia Peruvians. They seemed to be everywhere I went. Watching the world go by from the banks of the Iset River in Ekaterinburg, somewhere I doubt I would have ever ventured to without this World Cup, was lovely and of course increased by little an organization of straying Peruvians.

What now for England ? Creativity. Find it, fostering it, encourage it, use it. A culture of doing well in tournaments is now in place across the age groups. Adding tact at senior level is the missing part that could make a telling change.

Sid Lowe

Match of the tournament Spain 3-3 Portugal, my first play, was quite a behavior to start a tournament in which I seemed to was lucky often( confession time: journalists don’t always feel “lucky” exactly when games are dramatic and be chosen by late goals ). Even Switzerland-Serbia, supposedly a nice quiet nighttime, turned out grand. Argentina-Nigeria inside the ground was quite something. But the best plays were not mine. Enjoyed Belgium-Brazil( and, unfashionably, I believe Brazil were good ). But my favourite was probably Belgium-Japan.

Player of the tournament Rakitic? Kante? Mbappe? I’m leaning towards Eden Hazard and Luka Modric , not least because in true-life athletics journalism style its judgement is being delivered before it’s actually over. In honour of this World Cup, could another rewrite be on the way after the final? Yes, it could. He may not have been the best but when it comes to what actually happened over the month, the things that musicians actually did, the impact they had, the effectiveness, the key moments, then Antoine Griezmann.

Goal of the tournament 1. Cheryshev. 2. Cheryshev. 3. Cheryshev. OK, OK, it’s actually Toni Kroos or, better still, Belgium’s winner against Japan. Only it’s not for me: realize likewise’ personal highlighting ‘, below.

Personal highlighting Watching the brutal charm of Edinson Cavani’s goal against Portugal, a 100 -metre one-two between him and Luis Suarez, the ball smashed from one side of the pitching to the other and back again, before winging in off Cavani’s face. Inside a stadium, I’ve rarely been hit- and it actually did feel as if you’d been hit- by a purpose quite like that. And then there’s Felipe Baloy scoring for Panama. Wonderful.

Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani scores his side’s opening purpose against Portugal. Photo: Andrew Medichini/ AP

Biggest disappointment In a word: Spain. Also, from a cynical point of view, I can’t help wondering what might have been for Belgium and Uruguay in the other half of the describe- two teams I would have liked to see reach a final. Off the pitch: not really getting the chance to experience Moscow which, when I was all too briefly acquainted with it, seemed great. Or England-Colombia, for that matter.

Trickiest off-field moment Being in A& E worryingly close to kick off on England’s semi-final but I had left Russia by then so that probably doesn’t count. A cup, two tea containers, a tea spoon and no kettle: eh? The couple we thought had departed the restaurant and headed home returning just as we therefore’ borrowing’ the still almost-full bottle of wine they had( or had not) left behind. Or how about the very, very first moment? Land in Moscow late, switch telephone on … Lopetegui’s done what , now ?!

Fondest recollection of Russia

Match-day cakes in the inn, of course. Football street lights. 2am sunrises and walking through St Petersburg at sunrise.

What now for England? Carry on, while recognising the reality beneath the feel-good factor.( England’s World Cup record is actually remarkably consistent .) Play, and try to play: there is plenty to be positive about. Be nice still. Nice is good. And nice doesn’t have to come last.

Nick Miller

Match of the tournament Maybe merely because I was there, but I haven’t been more viscerally thrilled by a game for a long time than Belgium v Japan. If anything summed up the strangeness of this World Cup, it was a knockout play being turned round by Marouane Fellaini and Nacer Chadli.

Player of the tournament Luka Modric. To play as well as he has “wouldve been” remarkable under normal situations, but to do so with the looming prospect of a trial on his brain has been astounding.

Goal of the tournament Christian Eriksen’s against Australia was probably the best I realise live, but only because it was so unusual I desired Benjamin Pavard’s against Argentina.

Personal highlight The play wasn’t enormously memorable in the end but I was at Brazil v Switzerland. Watching Brazil at a World Cup is like visiting some sort of venerated tombstone: often not that impressive on the face of it but the history and narratives behind it are inescapable.

Biggest letdown Morocco. I got swept up in gushing pre-tournament projections and thought they might embarrass Portugal and/ or Spain, but their performances turned out to be akin to a limp bit of lettuce.

Trickiest off-field minute It was broadly fine, other than the scandalous confiscation of my deodorant at the Luzhniki. Oh, and I was also stopped at a metro station and instructed to produce my passport, which I did not have on me. Brief eyesights of a future at Vladimir’s Big House flashed before my eyes but my press pass turned out to satisfy the lust for admin.

F ondest recollection of Russia People dancing in the Moscow streets after Russia thumped Spain. The impromptu party that formed around a busking, instrumental post-rock band in a park was a particular highlight.

Devotee in in Nikolskaya Street celebrate Russia’s victory over Spain. Photo: Mikhail Pochuyev/ TASS via Getty Images

What now for England? Here’s a hot take for you: I genuinely don’t know. In theory it should be bright, a talented young team due to be supplemented by further promising young flair coming through, but how often do hypothesis work out in international football? I panic this will turn out to be one of those long, hot, strange summertimes that will feel as if it didn’t happen in a few years.

Barney Ronay

Match of the tournament In the flesh, Spain versus Russia. Perhaps the most lop-sided match I’ve ever seen and one of the oddest. Sensible people will point to the fact Spain lost their administrator and simply didn’t play their system well. But still hard not to wax on about the limitations of the possession football and the weird agony of watching Spain pass the ball. Plus of course the hysteria of Russia and penalties.

Player of the tournament Luka Modric. Best player for a tiny nation in the final. Ran further, aged 32, than any other musician at the World Cup except his teammate Ivan Perisic. But of course it’s about the craftsmanship with Modric and his ability to drag a game his team’s behavior was of the highest class. Threw him in five or six other squads here and they could have constructed the final too.

Goal of the tournament Ricardo Qaresma for the one-off trivela-style curler, a wonderful piece of individual skill he continues on doing year after year. And Belgium in the last minute against Japan for the ultimate high-pressure team purpose, made by
Kevin De Bruyne’s laser-pass and Romelu Lukaku’s dummy.

Personal highlight The absence of any fighting or trouble , not to mention mind plays, wars of words, handshake-refusals or anything much apart from the football.

Biggest frustration Get a grip Brazil. This was once a team of tough guys, charmers and rascals. Nilton Santos, Jairzinho, Romario, Leonidas and Carlos Alberto are turning in their graves watching the current diving, sobbing plenty. And half of them aren’t even dead.

Trickiest off-field minute After a lot of early running around- five flights in three days, five plays in six days- I did briefly fall asleep on a stool in an airfield departure lounge. When I woke up I couldn’t remember with any real certainty what city I was in. I looked at my boarding pass, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right one. Eventually asked someone.

Fondest remembrance of Russia Football, people, meat, beer, beetroot, wide-ranging streets, huge houses, all-night saloons, astonishing supermarkets and the busking folk dance duo from some conservatoire who popped up on the street in Moscow one nighttime and performed an astounding routine for a few roubles in a hat. This is from someone for whom the words” astounding folk dance” don’t precisely trip off the tongue

What now for England? Fifty years of hurt.

Andrew Roth

Match of the tournament Spain-Portugal kicked this tournament into high gear. Spain at instants played the best football of any country at the World Cup and both sides scored lovely goals, capped by Cristiano Ronaldo hiking up his shorts and curling that free-kick round the Spanish wall in injury hour. Very fulfilling draw.

Things Are Getting Better: Your Weekly Horoscopes For August 6-10 Betches

The bad news is that Mercury is still in retrograde. Luckily for all of us, though, Venus moves into Libra this week and that’s definitely a good thing. Venus attracts things to you; it’s basically like a magnet for love, attention, and money. Let’s be real, we could all use some more of at least one of those things in our life right now. Here are your weekly horoscopes for August 6-10 😛 TAGEND


With Venus in Libra opposite your sign, it’s a great week to repair the relationships you’ve messed up since Mercury went into retrograde. This time it could be you sending the” I miss you” text to the last person you ghosted. Maybe you need to ask the coworker you piss off the most if you are able to grab them something on your coffee operate. Hopefully they say no, though, amirite?


Venus in Libra blesses you where you work. You might even enjoy your coworkers and patrons for once in your life. It could be weird at first, but being content at work will attain you better at your job. Shocking, I know. Hey, hopefully you are able to squeeze some fund out of this. Plan on have become more and more tips or making a move toward that raise or Christmas bonus you, like, entirely deserve now.


Venus is practically imploring you to set fun and amusement at the top of your to-do list. You can squeeze a few final joyful instants of summer before the weather turns to sh* t. If you don’t at least have one more summertime getaway planned, get on it. You need to stretch out the life of your tan and wear those last three swimsuits you bought but haven’t worn yet. Tick tock, betch.


So, you’re sort of a homebody. Which is fine, I guess. With Venus traveling through the bottom of your map, it pushes you into nesting mode. You prosper when creating a beautiful surrounding for yourself, so feel free to expend some cash on home goods, art and all the crazy stuff Amazon suggests you are able to get to construct yourself more comfortable where you live.


Venus has power over how you think this week. You will see your relationships in a new illuminate. You will notice more beauty in your everyday life, and your appreciation of your surroundings will increase. Basically, it’s like you took a really big hit and now everything around you is altogether beautiful and amazing. I intend, if that doesn’t put you in a good mood, IDK what will.


Venus in your mansion of money is a signal a bunch of swag is on its way. Sure, you could come into some unexpected money, but you’ll probably just be gifted with things like free drinkings and appetizers at happy hour. That’s good news because you never is common knowledge that craziness Mercury in retrograde will throw at you. It’s definitely just nice to have even a few extra dollars on hand.


Venus in your sign inspires you to relate to others. Yes, that definitely means you’ll bond with someone in the bar bathroom and decide to be best friend in the world. It could also mean that “youre feeling” the need to listen to someone who has a differing opinion than you do. If that seems impossible, perhaps you could just read the Facebook remarks on a controversial post and addressing the issue of advocate to write back. That’s progress, right?


It could get interesting in the next few weeks with Venus hiding in your chart. Venus wants you to keep secrets when it is necessary to your relationship status or who you’re seeing. It’s definitely not the best time to blow up your Insta stories with a guy you only started seeing, and you should totally be cautious if he’s trying to show you off a little much too. Everyone, just slacken your roll.


Ever the attracter, Venus is outlining people into your life for the next few weeks. It’s a great time to socialize, and since your dealings with the rest are blessed with camaraderie and affection. Being this popular is to be able to work, as you know. Be careful not to get into a love triangle with friends or fans. Chill out everyone, there’s enough of you to go around.


Venus is through the highest level of your chart in an area that rules status, reputation, and your career. Run ahead and be a little social climber, but don’t do it in a desperate or thirsty style. Invite someone you admire out for a booze after run. Like a photo or two of a girl you want to be friends with. Swipe right on the guy who might be a bot because he really is that attractive. Who knows what could happen when you put yourself out there a little more.


Venus enters Libra in your mansion of exploration. That entails love and adventure are on the way for you! You might take a trip with your admirer or simply get a little more adventurous in the bedroom. Use protection, whether that’s a condom or SPF. If you’re single, never dread. Right now, you’re open to experiencing adoration in a new way so you’ll appreciate person with another perspective on relationships.


Intensity is the name of the game, as Venus is in Libra in your house of fervour. In the next few weeks, a single Pisces will meet person that’s hard to resist. The magnetism and allure will be palpable. Be forewarned, those flames burn hot, but they burn out fast. If you’re already cuffed up, apply that trigger to surprise you significant other in the bedroom with that thing they’ve always wanted to do.

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This veteran firefighter and amputee is building powerful prosthetics for extreme sports

As the wildfires in California continue to wreak havoc on the minority communities, person or persons saw an ingenious route to preserve their valuables before evacuating from their home.

Reddittor u/ grap1 12 ler shared a photograph Friday of their family’s pool full of five working separate situates of fine China.

They explained that their mom set her prized collections of dishes into the pool to keep them safe from the wildfires prior to fleeing the area.

According to a comment left by grap1 12 ler, the burn “came within a few hundred yards” of the house but didn’t interfere with it, leaving both their parent’s home and dishes intact.

“This is a post about the humorous and seemingly impractical priorities we all have, ” they wrote.

This method doesn’t only work for valuables — it has also saved lives. Last year, a family survived the Sonoma burns by trying refuge in their pool for six hours.

Multiple wildfires have been igniting through California since July 23. The Carr fire, which has claimed at least eight lives, continues to spread.

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