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12 Things You Should Probably Delete From Your Facebook Page Immediately

Over the last decade, social media has totally changed the style we interact with our friends, family and, let’s face it, sometimes a total bunch of strangers.

This is particularly the occurrence with Facebook. The social networking website, which was launched all the way back in 2004, has assured billions of users all over the world share status, photos, and events with various people.

The site play-acts a huge role in our everyday lives, nonetheless, it has come to light recently that sites such as Facebook could potentially pose a risk to our overall privacy on the web.

I am, of course, referring to the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which 87 million Facebook consumers from around the world had their personal data harvested.

In light of this, there are certain pieces of information that you should probably emit from your Facebook page such as your home address and where you went to school.

By the route, if you want to learn how to bulk delete all your Facebook posts, here it is :

Now although some Facebook users have seemed so violated by the whole fiasco that they decided to delete their accounts, others have decided to hold onto their accounts in spite of the scandal.

If you likewise don’t feel the need to get rid of your account but want to protect your privacy as much as possible, you might want to delete these 12 things 😛 TAGEND

1. Your “friends”

According to Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar, people can maintain about 150 healthy relationships. After monitoring the activity of 3,375 Facebook consumers, Dunbar came to the conclusion that out of their Facebook pals, 4.1 were considered reliable and dependable, and 13.6 demonstrated compassion during an” emotional crisis “. Deleting the “friends” who don’t serve you anyway will construct your time on social media much healthier and worthwhile.

2. Your birthday

If con artist have access to your birthday, it intends it will be a lot easier for them to get access to your personal details and bank account.

3. Your phone number

If you include your telephone number on your Facebook profile, you could be at risk of gaining or producing stalker who calls you nonstop.

4. Photographs of young children

Victoria Nash, the acting director of the Oxford Internet Institute, asked a very eye-opening topic about whether or not infants consent to having their photos splashed across various social media pages.

” What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date ?” she asked.

In the past, this was never something that needed to be considered but with social media and the internet in general, this is something that we now need to start thinking about.

5. Where your child be applicable to school

According to a report by the NSPCC, the number of sexual offenses on record has very harrowingly increased over the last year or so.

The report reads 😛 TAGEND

” Police recorded 36,429 sexual offenses against children in the UK in 2013/2014… in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland police recorded the highest number of sexual offenses against children in the past decade .”

Anyone with young children will want to avoid making sex offenders more of an opportunity to find out where their children go to school.

6. Location services

In 2015, it was reported by TechCrunch that more than 500 million people used Facebook exclusively from their cell phones. This means that the same number could potentially broadcast their location to the web, and so anyone, including those who pose a threat, could find out where you are.

7. Your manager or CEO

Depending on how private your Facebook profile is, there is a chance that the CEO or your manager at work could see everything you’ve written on your timeline. They could potentially have access to status in which you have complained about work.

8. Please don’t label your place

If you label your place at home, you are basically giving away your address.

9. When and where you go on vacation

According to This Is Money , travelers who have their possessions stolen while on vacation risk not having their insurance claim accepted if they had posted their vacation programmes on their social media pages.

10. Your relationship status

Getting into a new relationship is always a happy occasion, but I’d indicate not updating your relationship status. Ultimately, the relationship may not last and the change from” in a relationship” to “single” will feel like such a kick in the teeth if it does end.

11. Your credit card details

This was likely to have been obvious anyway, but never ever share your credit card details on Facebook.

12. Portraits of your boarding pass

Taking pictures of your boarding pass and posting it on Instagram, for instance, is a definite no-no. The barcode on your boarding pass to have been able to be used to find personal information you have given to the airline.

So there you have it: if you want to keep your interactions on Facebook safe, happy and healthy, you should definitely at the least consider getting rid of these unnecessary parts of information.

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People Are Downloading Their Facebook Data And Are Horrified By What They’re Finding

The Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to roll on. As it does, people are becoming more and more well informed just how much data Facebook has on them.

One easy( yet somewhat horrifying) lane to see it all in one place is to request all of your Facebook data as a zip file. A lot of people have been trying this over the last week, and have been fairly shocked by how much of their knowledge the tech giant has.

While most people would expect Facebook to have data on how they use the app, they’re a little shocked to discover it has access to everything from all the contacts on their phone to a record of every text message they’ve ever mailed or received, even if they don’t use Facebook Messenger. But that’s not all Facebook has.

“They have plundered my phone. They have phone numbers of people who aren’t on Facebook, ” British actor and writer Emma Kennedy wrote on Twitter.

“They have phone numbers of household names who, I’m sure, would be furious to know their phone number are accessible. I’m appalled.”

Other Facebook consumers have had the same experience.

It would be easy to dismiss these as unusual the circumstances in which customers haven’t defined their privacy sets properly. But it does seem to be fairly typical. Developers and techies alike are reporting the same thing. Even people who claim to have their privacy decideds locked down like Alcatraz during a visit from the President are discovering that Facebook still has a lot of information on them stored away.

One developer from New Zealand downloaded his data, which he shared on Twitter.

After creating script to record statistics of his cell phone records, he found Facebook had records of 😛 TAGEND

Over 700 distinct calls, with data on whether these were incoming, outgoing, or missed

The duration of each call

1,369 SMS messages, with data on whether they were mailed or received

Both failed and drafted messages