Cirque Du Soleil Performer Dies Of Injuries Sustained In Fall From Aerial Stunt During Tampa Show

This is horrifying.

A traveling casting member of the Cirque du Soleil performance series died after suffering a serious fall during a display this weekend.

Yann Arnaud( pictured above) was performing during a live Cirque production of Volta in Tampa, Florida on Saturday night when he fell on stage during an aerial number, landing on his head.

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Afterwards, Cirque du Soleil liberated the following statement about the accident , noting further that crew members rushed to Arnaud’s aid and immediately hauled him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead some time later.

Here’s more information( below ):

25 of the best signs from March for Our Lives demonstrations around the globe.

At last, the Atlanta Falcons have an identity: they’re the team that blew it | DJ Gallo

Cities all over countries around the world were crowded on Saturday, March 24, 2018, as hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered to support the empowered teen survivors of the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The demonstrations featured lively performances, tearful speeches throughout the day, and unbelievably clever hand-made signs that drove a single important level home: #EnoughIsEnough.

Some people got a little crafty.

Others let powerful terms do all the work.

Kids blew our thinkers by just telling it like it is.

It turns out you don’t need to be human to make a good sign.

Maybe that’s why people depicted inspiration from wizards and queens( or were straight-up queens themselves ).

And a few folks who genuinely are informed about classroom security and the lasting impact of violence fell some major fact bombs.

The infants surely constructed their voice heard today. Now it’s day for all of us to listen.

Read more on the March for Our Lives with stories on Parkland student Emma Gonzalez’s emotional stillnes, D.C. student Zion Kelly’s speech on losing his twin to gun violence, photos from around the country, and moving words from little kids .

And if you want to support the anti-gun-violence motion, we have a quiz for the best way you can help .

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Sea Level Rise in the SF Bay Area Just Got a Lot More Dire

If you move to the San Francisco Bay Area, prepare to pay some of the most exorbitant home costs on countries around the world. Also, preparations for the fact that someday, your new home could be underwater–and not only financially.

Sea level rise threatens to wipe out swaths of the Bay’s densely populated coastlines, and a new examine out today in Science Advances paints an even more dire scenario: The coastal ground is also sinking, making a rising ocean that much more precarious. Considering sea level rise alone, frameworks show that, on the low end, 20 square miles could be inundated by 2100. But taken into account in subside land and that estimate hops to almost 50 square miles. The high purpose? 165 square miles lost.

The problem is a geological phenomenon called subsidence. Different kinds of land drop at different rates. Take, for example, Treasure Island, which resides between San Francisco and Oakland. It’s an artificial island made of landfill, and it’s sink fast, at a rate of a third of an inch a year. San Francisco Airport is also sinking fast and could see half its runways and taxiways underwater by 2100, according to the new analysis.

Now, subsidence is nothing new to climate scientists. “People have been aware that this is an issue, ” says UC Berkeley’s Roland Burgmann, coauthor of the paper. “What was missing was truly data that has high enough resolve and accuracy to fully integrate” subsidence in the Bay Area.

To get that data, the researchers took precise measurements of the landscape from lidar-equipped aircraft. They combined this with data from satellites, which fire radar signals at the ground and analyze the return signals to calculate how fast ground is moving either towards the spacecraft or away from them.

By comparing data from 2007 to 2011, the team showed that most of the Bay’s coastline is subsiding at a rate of less than 2 millimeters a year. Which may not looks a lot like much, but those millimeters add up, specially considering research studies that “re coming out” last month recommended sea level rise is accelerating.

“You talk to someone about, Oh the land is going down a millimeter a year, and that can be various kinds of unimpressive, ” mentions the University of Nevada Reno’s William Hammond, who learns subsidence but was not involved in the study. “But we know as scientists that these motions, especially if they come from plate tectonics, because this is relentless and they will never stop, at least as long as we’re alive on this planet.”

Speaking of being alive on this planet: Humans have induced subsidence at an astounding scale by rapidly depleting aquifers. Take the South Bay, for instance. “Parts of San Jose have been lowered up to 12 feet due to groundwater extraction, ” mentions USGS coastal geologist Patrick Barnard. Fortunately, the extraction policies that led to those losses are kaput. But the same can’t be said for the rest of the planet, in particular for communities that are suffering drought further exacerbate climate change.

“It’s not a major concern for the Bay anymore, ” Barnard adds, “but it is for in general aquifers worldwide, especially in developing countries where a lot of groundwater is removed from these big river deltas where millions of lives live. They’re already extremely vulnerable to sea level rise.”

The developing world is nowhere near ready to deal with subsidence and rising oceans, but neither is the developed world. This is a problem that eludes human ingenuity. It’s not like the San Francisco Bay Area can build one giant ocean wall to insulate itself. And it’s not like low-lying Florida can hike itself up, or New York City can move itself inland a few hundred miles.

“There is no permanent solution to this problem, ” says Arizona State University geophysicist Manoochehr Shirzaei, lead writer of the paper. “This will impact us one behavior or another. The armies are immense, it’s a very powerful process, the costs of truly dealing with it is huge, and it requires long-term plan. I’m not so sure there’s a good way to avoid it.”

Save for continuing oceans from rising in the first place. That, of course, would require a tremendous world effort to cut back emissions. But even conservative projections indicate future sea level rise could be dramatic. Which means we as a species have to seriously reconsider the idea of a coastal township, or in case of the Bay Area, a sprawling coastal metropolis. Because the sea is coming to swallow us, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

More Climate Science

Dramatically reducing emissions worldwide is a long shot, but what if we could just engineer the climate? Welcome to the strange world of geoengineering .

Except, well, geoengineering countries around the world could severely imperil life .

The good news is that scientists are getting ever better at predicting how much countries around the world will warm in the coming decades.

When This Guy Faked His Death, His Cat’s Reaction Was Equally Cute And Hilarious

Cats are widely regarded as selfish, uncaring beasts. But as someone who shares her home with two felines, I can tell you that merely isn’t true.

Nearly every time I’m upset enough to shed tears, one of my felines will inevitably run over to me and either pushing her fuzzy psyche into my hand or sit next to me for subsistence. Now, I don’t have proof that they aren’t just looking for attention, but deep down, I truly believe they’re reacting to my distress.

Even Sparta, a 10 -year-old Bengali mix whose owned affectionately calls him “The Mean Kitty, ” proves his soft side when he supposes his dad’s in difficulty. Well, to a degree, anyway. Sparta’s owner regularly documents the cat’s jerky behaviour on YouTube. Devotees were curious about whether Sparta would even care if his daddy dropped dead, so they asked him to put it to the test and fake his own death.

Dad didn’t skimp on the dramatics when he clutched his chest and fell to the floor.

It only took a few seconds for Sparta to meow in what voiced like concern. Then he came over to inspect his human, apparently worried at first.

Then he got nice and comfortable next to his owner’s body. Watch the funny events play out below.

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EU Threatens Iconic U.S. Brands After Trump Opens Door to Trade War

Donald Trump set the stage for a trade conflict by slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, daring other countries to retaliate and resulting the European Union to warn that it would target iconic American brands. In become, the U.S. chairwoman threw the European auto industry in his sights.

Hours after Trump said in a Twitter message that” trade campaigns are good, and easy to win ,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said here bloc was prepared to respond forcefully by targeting imports of Harley-Davidson Inc. motorbikes, Levi Strauss& Co. jeans and bourbon whiskey from the U.S.

Juncker’s threat heightened their chances of a world free-for-all, as the World Trade Organization said the potential of escalating tensions “is real” and the International Monetary Fund warned the restrictions is very likely to injury the U.S. and global economy.

Trump tweeted on Saturday that” If the E.U. wants to further increase their already massive tariffs and barricades on U.S. corporations doing business there, we will simply apply a Tax on their Automobiles which freely pour into the U.S .”

The president faces wrath from manufacturers and trade collaborators in Asia and Europe, as well as from allies such as Republican lawmakers, after announcing tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percentage on aluminum for “a long period of time.”

He’s expected to sign the formal ordering as early as the next week after certain formalities are completed, Peter Navarro, administrator of the National Trade Council at the White House, told Saturday in an interview on satellite radio. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Friday the president has chosen to impose the tariffs on all countries and products, dimming the hopes for nations such as Australia still pressing for an exemption.

Trump in a tweet Friday morning warned of more trade acts ahead, casting them as reciprocal taxes, a word he has used for enforcing levies on imports from countries that charge higher duties on U.S. goods than the U.S. currently charges.

” We will soon be starting RECIPROCAL TAXES so that we will accuse the same thing as they accuse us. $800 Billion Trade Deficit-have no choice !” Trump said in the tweet.

The president on Saturday derided” our’ very stupid’ trade bargains and policies” of the past. Other countries” laugh at what clowns our presidents have been. No more !”

The aggressive posture stoked anxieties of an unchecked cycle of trade retaliation and roiled investors, who dumped stocks on Thursday. After government decisions on tariffs initially depressed global markets, U.S. stocks pared losses of more than 1 percent Friday, while Treasuries slumped with the dollar as the wave of selling triggered by the threat of a trade conflict eased.

The planned tariffs, justified on the basis that cut-price metal imports hurt both American producers and national security , now raise the prospect of retaliatory kerbs on U.S. exports and higher prices for domestic users. While the practical impact may yet turn out to be limited, the political environment for global trade has just taken a turning for the worse.

Trump’s acts could” could lead to other trading collaborators taking similar activities and could ultimately diminish the international trade conventions, like WTO regulations, more generally ,” according to a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. research note on Friday.

Trump Roars, China Yawns, U.S. Shoots Itself in Foot: Gadfly

The EU is prepared to retaliate against select U.S. importations in a way that would maximize political pressure on American leaders. Harley-Davidson is based in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, while bourbon whiskey hails from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. San Francisco-based Levi Strauss is headquartered in House Minority Leader’s Nancy Pelosi’s district.

The chief executive officer of Germany’s Siemens AG was the most recent to slam the tariff plan.” After a great taxation reform aimed at creating jobs , now a lousy approach on fair trade ,” Joe Kaeser said on Twitter on Saturday.” Not good for customers , not good for jobs. Not good for a free world .”

The official response in China, the world’s largest steel producer and the main target of the tariffs, was muted. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in Beijing Friday that China urges the U.S. to follow trade rules.

Industry insiders were less confined. The U.S. measures” overturn the international trade ordering ,” Wen Xianjun, vice chairman of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said in a statement.” Other countries, including China, will take relevant retaliatory measurements .”

Li Xinchuang, vice chairman of the China Iron and Steel Association, “ve called the” move “stupid.”

China has already launched a probe into U.S. the importation of sorghum, and is learning whether to restrict the transport of U.S. soybeans — targets that could hurt Trump’s support in some farming nations. While China reports for simply a fraction of U.S. imports of the metals, it’s accused of committing inundating the global market and dragging down prices.

U.S. allies, reading their industries threatened, responded with bafflement and dismay. Some also panned the notion that metal importations pose a threat to national security.

” Steel and aluminum imports from Japan, which is an ally, do not affect U.S. national security at all ,” Japan’s Trade Minister Hiroshige Seko told reporters in Tokyo Friday.” I would like to convey that to the U.S. when I have an opportunity .”

Read more: How Trump could really hurt China — by targeting electronics

The impact of the pace hinges in part on which commonwealths will be affected, told Alex Wolf, senior emerging marketplaces economist at Aberdeen Standard Investments in Hong Kong, who previously operated at the U.S. State Department.

” Until we visualize the final scope of the tariffs and the response from global trading collaborators, it’s hard to say it’s the start of a tit-for-tat trade war ,” Wolf said.

50 Little Pep Talks That Will Make You Feel Better, Worthy, And Magical AF In No Time

Henri Pham/ Unsplash

1 . You are home for someone seeking refugee

2. The person who can save you has been standing in front of you this whole time

3 . Life will go on without you, but it will never be the same

4. Don’t ever change who you are so you can fit in, so you can be accepted. You are exactly what “the worlds” necessities right now

5. The suns fell from the sky and they landed in your eyes

6. You’re not going to be everybody’s favorite, and that’s kind of the point

7 . When you feel the most unloved, remember how lovely and desiring you truly are

8 . It’s scary to show your dark side to someone you care about because they might leave. But, they are likely remain, and it will turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made

9. Your nerve is your strongest asset, your looks are just a bonus

10 . To be loved by you is a blessing , not a burden, and it’s a privilege not a right

11 . You are worthy of the love you pray for at night

12. The world belongs to you, and you belong to this world

13. Your charm isn’t about how perfect you are, it’s about how imperfectly perfect you are

14. In a world that exalts patrol, be an empathetic soul

15. Three things the sooner you accept, the happier you are: your past, your responsibilities, and rejection

16. You are enough in your bad periods like you are in your good ones

17. You are the reason someone get out of couch today. Don’t ever underestimate your important in this world

18 . Life can be a nightmare at times, but it can be a beautiful daydream that you never envisioned can come true

19 . You can’t fix people, but you can heal them

20. Just because person fails to see your worth, it doesn’t mean that you’re invisible. It simply means that they are blind to who magical you are

21. You don’t require someone to complete you, but you do need somebody to build you feel whole

22 . You can’t build someone see how fabulous you are, but you can definitely move on from them

23. It’s only when you care that you make a real change. The kind of difference that stays with someone for a lifetime

24 . Stay true-life to who you are even if it means that you come home to nothing but yourself because it’s better than going home to everything, but not yourself

25 . Love will find you when you are least ready, but it will be exactly what you need

26 . You don’t deserve someone who lets you go because you’re too good for them, you deserve someone who hold on to you because they know how rare you are

27. Vulnerability is your ultimate key to living a life that looks good on the outside and feels better on the inside

28 . Never stop fighting for the things you deserve in this life because the moment you do, you stop fighting for yourself

29 . Be kind because everyone else is busy being frightened instead

30. Thing sometimes don’t operate because they’re not entailed for us, and not because we were the incorrect person for the job

31 . You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be what person urgently needs in a given moment and that’s everything

32 . When approaching a mistake you’ve done or a decision you regret, don’t ask yourself whether you are did it, ask yourself what you can do about it

33 . The future appears good simply because you’re in it

34. Three things you are able to never compromise for someone; your standards, your self-worth, and your dreams

35 . Don’t wait for others to be your friend, be their friend first

36 . Someone will love you for precisely whom you, you merely need to show them who you are first

37. There are two types of people in this world: the ones who make excuses and the people who induce things happen, the ones who are scared and the ones who are scared but do it anyway, and the ones who magistrate and the ones who love

38 . Darling, you are allowed to be real, you’re allowed to feel all of your feelings

39. You can’t save people, you can only be there for them as they save themselves

40 . When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, recollect where you truly “re coming out”. Remember that you are a sky full of stars and nothing can dim your infinite, transcending light

41. Don’t let those who are afraid of chasing after daydreams stop you from chasing after yours

42. You are someone’s favorite song they haven’t heard yet

43. There’s nothing wrong in the way you adoration, you just have been desiring the wrong one all along

44. You are one in a million, that’s how unbelievably unique you are

45. It’s easier to give than receive. Let yourself to ask for help, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged, to be loved

46 . You don’t need “the worlds” to believe in you to be a person, but you do need to believe in yourself instead

47. Let your words have meaning, let your stillnes have impact

48. You are never going to be alone because the universe lives within you. Assure, you are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you

49. Be your own best friend because it’s the relationship you have with yourself that changes everything

50. You are not nothing. You are everything, and more

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Amazon is buying smart doorbell maker Ring

With Nest’s first smart video buzzer right around the corner, Amazon is busy buying up the competition.

After acquiring Blink just two months ago, Amazon is now acquiring Ring, makers of the self-titled Ring doorbell( plus a bunch of other security gear, like solar security cameras, floodlight cams and an in-home alarm system ).

GeekWire broke the rumor this afternoon, and we’ve only received independent confirmation.

Details on the bargain are still pretty light; the financial terms of the deal, for example, haven’t percolated out just yet. Update : Reuters is reporting, via tweet , that the selling price was more than$ 1 billion. The company had raised around $209 million to date, according to Crunchbase.

This acquisition attains plenty of appreciation. Amazon has already constructed a few connected cameras of its own — but hardware is, as they say, hard, and that’s not going to change. With nearly a dozen solid products to its name, the Ring team has proven themselves more than capable of house hardware( and I’m sure its array of patentsdoesn’t hurt, either .) With Amazon, Google, Apple et al. all duking it out for physical space in and around your home, person was going to make a big offering — and I’d be surprised if Amazon was the only bidder in the mingle. Plus, who on globe is responsible for more doorbell presses than Amazon?

( Fun bit of trivia: Reverberate debuted to the world on Shark Tank back in 2013, then known as “DoorBot.” They craved $700,000 for 10 percent of the company, but no one took the bargain .)

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People Who Work With Animals Are Sharing Their Cutest Photos, And We Cant Get Enough

Have you ever considered volunteering at an animal shelter? Millions of animals are in need of love and attention, and most of all, a new home! Volunteers are vitally important to shelters, many of which are overstretched and underfunded.

We here at Bored Panda compiled a list of pics taken by animal shelter volunteers, so you can see just how sweet it is to be surrounded by fluffballs while at work. After realise these, you’ll definitely be inspired to go and is to assist. Don’t be fooled though, as appealing as spend time with animals may be, you will be asked to do all kinds of chores. From admin and fundraising to cleaning the poop out of the kennels, there is much more to it than cuddling puppies!

Scroll down below to check out the pics for yourself, and for more info you can check out here and here.

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